Civil Litigation

Professionals  with extensive expertise integrate the Litigation practice at GIAMUNDO NETO ADVOGADOS. They are part of a multidisciplinary team of lawyers, trainees and legal assistants who work in the Major Litigations practice and also in a highly specialized team that composes the strategic Litigation practice.

Leading the major and complex legal disputes throughout the country in the infrastructure, civil construction, energy, environment, consumer relations and corporate practices, the competitive edge of the GIAMUNDO NETO ADVOGADOS‘ Strategic Litigation practice is the presence of professionals with a high degree of education, extensive debate on the best strategy, detailed procedural follow-up, customized performance in court and continuous availability of its professionals to meet the demands presented by its clients.

On the other hand, the Major Litigation practice of GIAMUNDO NETO ADVOGADOS stands out by its performance in the consumer relations area and the provision of services in general. Composed of a multidisciplinary and dynamic team, the services are always provided in a customized manner, depending on the requirements and needs of its clients.

The Major Litigation practice of GIAMUNDO NETO ADVOGADOS is still outstanding by the use of efficient tools to manage its clients’ proceedings portfolios, such as the specific software that enables statistical control, risk assessment and issuance of procedural reports.

GIAMUNDO NETO ADVOGADOS also innovates by allowing and encouraging the interaction between the professionals of its Litigation practices, which naturally enables the exchange of experiences between the practices and the development of new and best practices, always pursuing the provision of the best service to its clients.


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