Administrative / Infraestructure / Regulatory / Public Procurement

  • Public Bidding procedures (participation in public hearings and sessions, legal advice in the collection of documentation and proposal, clarification of doubts of interpretation of the notice to bid, preparation of challenges, administrative appeals and representations);
  • Legal Advice on Legal Modeling and Development of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and Public Service Concessions (Proposed Expressions of Interest with Federal, State and Municipal Public Authorities [PMI]), development of legal studies, legal opinions and instruments required for the development of projects, follow-up of public calls, etc.);
  • Development, review and negotiation of several contracts between the private initiative and the Public Authority (construction – EPC, supply, service provision, management contracts, partnership instruments, etc.);
  • Legal advice related to the monitoring of the performance of administrative contracts (preparation of pleas for economic and financial rebalancing, analysis of amendments, drafting of mails, requirements, statements and defenses in general regarding contractual obligations, drafting of opinions, legal opinions, etc.);
  • Legal advice on the establishment of business consortia and Special-Purpose Companies to execute contracts with the Public Authority;
  • Federative Cooperation (cooperation agreements, public consortia and other forms of cooperation between entities of the Public Administration);
  • Administrative processes with public bodies (authorizations, licenses, defenses of notices of infraction, fines, suspension or prevention of the right to contract with the Public Authority, requirements in general, access to information Act, administrative disciplinary process, among others);
  • Legal advice on the grant of the right to use and dispose of public areas; donation of public real estate with charge;
  • Tax Liability;
  • Procedures before Parliamentary Committees of Inquiry and Civil Inquiries established by the Public Prosecution Office.



  • Public civil actions;
  • Civil actions of administrative improbity and anticorruption actions;
  • Popular actions;
  • Actions against administrative acts performed during the bidding and contractual performance stages.
  • Reimbursement actions due to economic and financial imbalance, default invoices, etc.

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