Civil and Commercial

  • Advisory

Negotiation, drafting, amendment and revocation of contracts in general, such as: purchase and sale agreement of real and personal estate property; real (mortgages, pledges and others) and personal guarantee contracts (sureties and others); lease, exchange, donation, loan, services, distribution, agency, commercial representation, brokerage, insurance, entertainment and advertising, e-commerce and internet, supply and distribution, franchise, and other agreements.


  • Litigation

Practice in legal proceedings involving matters of Civil and Commercial Law (interpretation and compliance with rules and contracts, validity of legal business, among others);

Civil, professional, supplier and manufacturer liability actions (compensation for damages and pain and suffering);

Actions aimed at the discussion of ownership, title or pool of goods and rights of whatever nature);

Expropriation actions and actions for declaration of listed building;

Homologation of arbitration awards and foreign judgments.

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